Sunday, February 8, 2009


A few weeks after we gave our filly Cricket who was a Kiger Mustang to our grandniece Caroline, we were told about a mustang mare that a lady wanted to give away. We called her and made an appointment to go see her at a stable not too far from us. When we got there she was eating. Bob took a hay string and put it around her neck and she came right with him. We looked at her and she had a calm gentle eye. We called the lady went over to get her title. She told us she had bucked her off and she was afraid of her. We thought we still would give her a try.
We did. I don't think she bucked, I think she spooked sideways and the lady fell off. She has never offered to buck at all but has some spook when you go on the first few rides of the season. Bob has ridden her hundreds of miles, he packed her once. She did fine in the open but that spook came out when the pack boxes hit a tree and she took off but came right back to Bob. He hasn't done that again but she would get used to it, I know. The top picture is Bob closing a gate that we had just ridden thru and the second picture is riding across a meadow down on Craig Mt. last summer.

Raven is the lead mare. Not mean just boss. She has gotten a steroid shot every day for 3 weeks now and she just stands there eating when Bob gives it to her. She knows I think that it is going to help her. Her upper lip is much better. It does not hang to one side near as much as it did. She has 3 more shots and then we hope it will get better on its own. Dr. McKinley said the nerve would regenerate about 1/4" a month. That is not very fast.

This is a picture of Bob and I. I thought it was Raven when I posted it but its Pepper. That is another day.
It was a good day. We went to church this morning and did some errands while we were in town. We went down to Shannon's and got her small pickup that she has just sitting there. We will pay for the license and insurance and I will have a vehicle to drive while Bob has my car at his work which is turning into a courier job and the car gets good mileage. I will like not being stuck here and Bob is going to put the gooseneck thingy in it for the horse trailer so I can go ride locally if I want. That will be nice this summer. The truck is automatic and I like that. We are so greatful for Shannon for loaning it to us. She gave it to her sister but she never came and got it so we borrowed it.
The sun shone today and more snow melted but we are predicted to get more but not much. I hope not, I like the sunshine.
Cathy can't go to Albany with me but maybe Kathy Spring will. I would love to have someone to share expenses and company for traveling. At least I have a motel room at LaQuinta.


  1. Hi Lea,
    I found your blog from Pam Nickoles's blog. I see you love the mustangs too. They are wonderful animals! I have a blog on windows live. I live near the LIttle Book Cliffs horse range in Colorado and that is what my blog is about. If you get a chance, stop by and see it.


  2. Billie, I will do that. The mustangs are my passion. I will sure go see yours. Thanks for coming by. Ours are from Oregon and CA.