Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The 10th day of Christmas

10 Christmas Tree Ornaments

I am finally getting them on the tree.  The tree came with lights and they look pretty.  I had looked and looked for the box of ornaments.  Bob found them today at the bottom in the closet.  I was glad to find them.  There are some treasures of ornaments in that box.  One is one I made when I was in first grade.

It has turned into a heat wave.  It was 23 today.  20 degrees higher in just a few days.  We are predicted snow but it has not arrived yet.  Can't say I mind that.

I got my sisters and her grandchildren box got mailed today.  I found out why last year's box was a month late.  Somehow I had gotten the zip code wrong and instead of going to Tennessee it went to Florida.  I was very frustrated and said I would not use the post office this year.  I didn't but the UPS lady found my error.  So it was not the Post Office's fault.  I need to apologize for the ugly things I said about them.

So tonight I am wrapping gifts.  My least favorite part but must be done.  I use boxes as much as possible.

My foot was much better this morning and got some good shoes on my feet.  I put on my New Balance walking shoes.  It helped some but by the time I got home from my trip to the store my foot was swelling and hurt so back to my Crocs for the rest of the day.   It is recovering but not fast enough to suit me. 


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  1. I generally don't enjoy wrapping presents either...but after a glass of wine or two, I can get in the spirit!! What nice balls you have Lea!! :)