Thursday, December 5, 2013

I bring you 4 pairs of reading glasses.  You  may ask why you  have four pair of reading glasses.  Sometimes I go shopping and don't have any in my purse so I buy a pair, or sometimes I lose them around the house and a lot of times i leave them places.  I actually have more than 4.  They were the first ones I got a hold of.   Silly me.  The dollar store ones are a little flimsy but otherwise they work fine and dandy.

My foot is doing better for the most part.  It is hurting and keeping me awake but it is better every.  Finding that there were no fractures was jolly good.

He also told me I could ride all I wanted to if it didn't bother me.  Well our weather is so dastardly cold 12 at the moment and is supposed to be 5 by morning.  I don't ride when it under 20.  Too cold for all of us.  So it will be a few days before the weather will cooperate.  I don't mind riding in the snow but we haven't had any to speak of yet.

See you tomorrow,


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  1. :) I do the same thing. Good news about your foot! We are very cold here too. Got down to about 18 last night and that's very, very cold for the valley. I'm loving it though...clear, blue skies and sunshine oh my!!