Saturday, December 7, 2013

Day 7 of the 12 Days of Christmas

7 Little cuddly stuffed horses.  Just 7 of many.  I have to fight Pistol for some when she figures out how to get to them.

It is bitter cold here.  At ll:00 AM it is 8 degrees and the wind is blowing.  Makes it so bitter.  Bob is over trying to get Katie's water going.  It froze in the pump house.  I think they should have left some water running but I don't know.  They are looking for a house to buy so I imagine they will be moving by spring. 

We are boing to a Christmas Party this evening over in Dalton Gardens, Idaho.  Hope the roads stay clear.

See you all tomorrow,


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  1. My pump house got too cold today too, and the faucet that goes to the horse trough froze. Luckily I was trying to fill troughs long before they're empty, so I didn't have to haul water. Put a heater out there and hoping to find it thawed.

    Sorry to hear Katie won't be right next door, but that's exciting that they can buy a house of their own!