Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Top picture - Mariah riding Raven.  A sweet girl riding on her l5th. birthday.  She had fun even if Pepper tried to buck her off when she was going to ride him.

Bob took the saddle off Pepper and then they had a little work out.  He tried to buck with Bob a couple of times but he snapped him out of that little idea.

All in all, one of our best days this summer.

I still am working on getting yard sale stuff together.  It is a chore.  I won't happen this weekend but maybe next. 

A rip roaring thunder and lightening storm is approaching and I am getting off of here and turn it off.  We may lose power, it is starting to flicker.  So night all -



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  1. Garage thing I hope to never have again. Kind of fun going to from time to time, but it's so much work getting everything ready and then hauling it off to donate when it doesn't sell. I just take everything to donate now and forego the hassle of the garage sale. Hope yours turns out lucrative.
    We had thunder and lightning last night and some rain. It was awesome!! We put the horses inside and then enjoyed the storm.