Monday, June 3, 2013

 These are all older pictures.  Just did not have new ones today.  It is hard to take pictures when no one is around when you are working a horse.

This is Chemmy and Yuma playing.  They are so rough some times I worry about them.

  This picture is me riding Star.  I really loved her.  She had bad legs.  She was not even able to live as a pasture pet.  We had to put her down.  I did not think I would ever want another horse.  But then I got Sage.  She was not as large as Sage but was a wonderful trail horse.
This is me on Glory.  She was a good show horse, not worth very much else.  She had been in a show barn and didn't understand the way our horses live. I sold her to a little girl in Oregon that rode her as a walk trot horse and did wonderful on her.  I was not too sorry to have her go.  We never clicked.  My equitation in the picture is bad.  My legs are too far foreword.

Sage and I had a good workout.  No one around to help me get the saddle up on her so I did not ride.  She got a good workout though.  She really does want to please.

Prayers are needed for my grand nephew Jimmy.  He is in Vanderbilt hospital in Nashville and will undergo surgery tomorrow.  He has CP and a multitude of other things and has a pump to help with the spactisity (spelling?).  He is very fragile and this is not a good thing at all.  I think he is 10 or will be this fall. 

Trying to get the top of my quilt done. Have 2 1/2 rows to finish and I can start with the edges.  I am ready to be working on another one.  I have the squares cut out for the next one.  Maybe I will start it soon.  I do want to finish the one I have worked so long on though.

The weather was nice today.  I do so enjoy spring days like this one.



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