Monday, June 24, 2013

Can not get a picture to load so a few words about where we have been and I hope at some point to be able to load the pictures.

Our oldest daughter turned 50 last Saturday and her husband and friend planned a large birthday party for her.  She is so beautiful and I don't believe she thinks that.  Love her so much and we went to help her celebrate.  It does not seem like 50 years have gone by and they placed that precious little bundle into my arms.  She was very small and utterly beautiful.  After two boys she was an answer to my prayers.  She was a special baby, never gave us a moment of worry.  She walked early (8 months 4 days) and talked early and was totally potty trained by 20 months old.  She has been the light of my life since she was born until now.  She was a second mama to our two younger children.  I knew she would be a good mother and have a large family and she does.  6 boys and 1 stepson, 1 daughter in law and 3 sweet grandchildren.  She got her girls that way, 2 of them.  Not that Nathaniel is not darling too.  I wanted to tell her how special she was to me this weekend but did not have a moment alone with her.  Lord bless her and keep her and speak to her in Your still small voice how beautiful and talented she is.

I am in a quandary.  I need to make some decisions about Sage.  I love her so much and she loves me.  However, I am not as spry as I was and she may be too much for me.  I am praying and wondering and crying and praying and wondering, etc.

I got my large suitcase down today to start packing.  I leave home in 16 days for Nikki's, my sister comes the next Friday, and Saturday the 13th. we venture on our cruise.  Honestly I am a little scared.  Have never done anything like that.  How do I act, how do I dress, every question anyone has asked, I am asking my self.  How will I know what to do when we get to the place where the ship is, I am feeling a little nervous about it all.   I am just a country girl.  Lord help me.

What a goofy blog this is.  Sorry.




  1. Lea, you will be just fine on the cruise. The people in charge will take care of you and if you have any problems they will tell you what to do so things work out well. Alaska is a safe place to travel and if you want to know what is going on in each port there is a daily "newsletter" to read that tells you what you can do and what it costs etc. As for clothes, you have to dress up for dinner, like a church dress, one night you are supposed to get more dressed up, so add lots of jewelry and smile and just the radiance of that will get you past anything. You are going to love this journey, don't be afraid anticipate the great adventure you are about to embark on. As for Sage, she needs someone strong to get her threw the issues she has with rearing and wanting her own way. I truly believe that once she is over her stuff she will be a good horse. I wish I wasn't such a scardy cat and was willing to ride her through these problems. I have no problem with doing her ground work, it is saddle work that bothers me, she is big and strong and I'm not the tough cowgirl I was twenty years ago. I'm praying for you to find the right answer that is best for the two of you.

  2. NO YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DRESS UP FOR DINNER! I will phone you after Bob's surgery. We are going to have a wonderful time, I know this cruise line and Nikki is going to take care of us. I love you to the moon and back!

  3. Oh Mama! I love you. Thank you for the lovely words. I did have a great day.