Monday, May 20, 2013

What a wonderful weekend I had.  For the most part the best in my life.  A blip on Sunday with my horse but the BIG HIT  of the entire weekend was my big surprise party on Saturday night.  I could not have been more surprised.

All four of our living children with the two in heaven rejoicing too I am sure.  Not only all 4 children but l4 of l7 grandchildren and a group of greats too.  Two girlfriends too in the group.  They had reserved the pink room at the casino.

I knew Bob was taking me there for dinner but I was shocked at the group that surprised me.  I could not get another picture to load.  Then I will have Sundays to show you.  You will probably all get tired of hearing about it.  My sister paid for it all, and my eternal thanks to her.  The only thing that would have made it better was to have her there. 

Thank you to my kids, my sister and everyone there.  Some of the grandchildren just came for the evening and had to be back to go to work Sunday morning.  Wow.  I feel so loved and cherished by my entire family.

The picture left to right is Christy, our son Tom,  Wendy, our daughter Christyn.  Bob and I, our son Steve behind us, Debbie, our daughter Nikki and her husband Carmen.  I love them each so much.

Blessings, you haven't heard the last from this weekend,



  1. Happy Birthday???? What a wonderful surprise for you. And, how in the world could that many people keep a secret like that? Good for them!

  2. Your sister wanted to be there BUT she wants to go to Alaska with you more :)