Thursday, May 23, 2013

 This Thinking Thursday is all about Wild Rose aka Rosie.

One day while Bob was still working, he did a job for some people in Mead.  They had a 3 year old pinto pony in a small pen in their back yard.  They said they thought she was half paint and half Welsh Pony.  I think they were correct.   They said you could not ride her because she was a bucker.  She had been to a trainer and she bucked everyone off.    Bob being Bob hopped on her and rode her around the yard with just a halter and lead rope.  We paid $500. for her, went and got our trailer and took her home. She has never bucked except when 3 grand kids tried to get on her at once and she made one little buck and sent them all three off.  She will ride two, but a third one, not so much.
 Just one of the many children that have taken lessons on her.  She just babysits them as they learn how to sit and how to use the reins. 
One of the things she was trained to do was pull a cart.She would rather to that than be ridden.  She has won a lot of ribbons and trophies at horse shows.  The was the high point driving pony in Washington State Horsemen for two years I believe.  She loves to pull the sleigh.  We have a good time every winter when the snow gets deep enough.  Bob makes me a trail out through the pastures so I don't have to depend on their being snow on the road.  My sleigh has runners like a sled so it needs ice or snow.
I love this picture of Rosie and Stormy, her first baby.  This was the first day we turned them out of their little pen he had been born in.  His sire was a beautiful Shetland Pony.
This little girl won everything in Lead Line classes on her.  She was a good little rider. 

At this point in Rosie's life she is past due to have a mule baby.  She can't go much longer.  When you pasture breed it difficult to pin it down.  However, I do know she is past when she should have been due.  Mule babies are often late.  Guess it takes more time to get those ears.

I thought she might go last night because yesterday she got out and when we tried to catch her she went on a RUN about.  At first she went down to road (the middle) towards Katie's ( S ) and the she turned around and came back to our front yard.  I have always been able to catch her until then.  Then she took off down the road the other way, cars were coming.  Thank goodness they saw her and stopped.  She ran into the freshly planted wheat field across the road, flopped her fat self down and rolled in the mud and fresh sprouts, then ran some more just as hard as she could back across the road, by now with an audience, into the driveway on the other side of us where no one lives.  About half way down the drive is a gate and some people pulled their truck so she could not get back out and Bob walked right up to her.  She looked at him and said a naughty word because she was caught.  BACK into her pen she went.

So still no baby today.

That is my Rosie pony story.  She is an awesome little horse.  She is 13 hands tall, will ride, drive and is Bob's best pack horse.  And when they get into the back country she will pull trees out of the way.  It is the best $500 we have ever spent on a horse.




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  2. Haha!! What a stinker she is! I love it, and just seeing her running all around out-foxxing everyone. She's such a cutie, and I loved seeing the pictures and hearing her story. I'd agree about that buy - was a great one! I sure am excited to see her baby and hopefully everything goes smoothly and quickly for momma.
    Happy belated birthday Lea! I can only imagine what a wonderful day you had surrounded by all those loving people. Beautiful!

  3. What great pictures. I bet Rosie is sick and tired of being pregnant by now. Maybe she thought a little run around the neighborhood would help get things going.

    Hey, I wanted to mention I may be looking for an excellent home for my two big donkeys. It's going to break my heart, but I want them to get more attention than they do here. We'll probably sell Scout as well. I just can't keep up with it all. So if you know anyone who's looking, let me know.

  4. Weren't Brownie and I there the first time Rosie gave birth? I know it was very exciting :) I love the pic of her and you in the snow. I love her story. What a sweetheart.

    1. Yes you were and it was Memorial Weekend and the weather was awful.