Tuesday, May 7, 2013

These beauties always tell you when spring has arrived.  I don't know what they are, but they are plentiful where there is shade.  I tried to dig one up once and the roots go VERY deep, I could not get it and if you pick them for a bouquet they wilt immediately.  In a few weeks they will be gone.  Love them.

Nothing much but same old, same old going on around here.  It is hot but Bob got the cooler in so the house stays cool.  Rosie just gets rounder and rounder.  I keep thinking maybe tomorrow - maybe. 

I am so excited for my birthday ride on May l9th.  If you read this you are invited.  Hamburgers and potluck after the ride.  What a wonderful way to celebrate turning 75. 

We took out recycling to the center in Medical Lake.  We saw some turkeys, BIG tom and hens I guess.  And bunches of deer.  We go through Eastern State Hospital grounds and they have an abundance of deer.  I love looking at them.  Then one casually walked out in front of us about half a mile from home.  Bigger and healthier looking than the ones at the hospital.

Sage is going to get a real workout tomorrow and I hope to ride her.  I am getting down in the dumps about her.  I love her so much and want her to be quiet and ride nicely.  She is so big.

My regular doctor called me, rather his nurse, and told me I needed to come in so he could check me over after the episode last week.  She told me my appointment was Friday at 3.  I guess that tells me what I am doing Friday afternoon. 

I am just mumbling along this evening -




  1. Rosie needs to have that baby, darn it. Maybe she's holding out so she can give you a birthday present.

  2. I wish Rosie would just have that baby and be done with it too, for her sake especially. How big is Sage? I'd tell you not to worry about her size, but it definitely makes a difference when they're a big horse. So much power. Ladde is a perfect horse, mostly anyways. But he's huge...17 hands and about 1500 lbs. I trust him implicitly on the ground and in any situation, but when I ride him, I'm timid and he knows it. Eagle is only about 15.2 hands, but he is one stout buggar. I mean very thick and powerful. And because his tendency is to react first and think later...he makes me very nervous on the ground, and riding him too. Be safe!