Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sometimes I just wonder WHAT THE HECK.  Bob came down with a terrible head cold so his surgery is postponed.  Now he says he won't have it until fall.  Its hernia surgery and not life threatening but it bothers him.  So I guess it will just have to bother him.

THEN yesterday I was putting around here fussing with Rosie and putting Pepper in off grass.  He's too fat if you hadn't noticed.  I was in the midst of breaking some glass for a mosaic I am working on and my stomach began to not feel very good.  I picked up my stuff and came in.  I realized I had not eaten breakfast so put toast in the toaster.  By the time it came out I was in so much pain in my chest and upper stomach area that I could hardly catch my breath.  I was sweating profusely and shaking like a leaf.  I laid down on the couch and it got worse.  I thought I was having a heart attack so I called 911 and without going into it all I ended up in the ER and the pain went away = gone= zip=gone.  After spending 6 hrs. there and lots of blood draws, xrays etc. They said I could come home.  My blood pressure was never elevated, my pulse was never elevated and every test was negative.  The nurse had the nerve to tell me as I was leaving, actually you are in very good health.  So why was I in so much pain and why was I transported if I was in such good health. And, why do my arms have all these purple bruises from their attempts to get an IV in.  Anyway, that is my rant.  I have to see my cardiologist and my regular Dr. and I am sure they will poke and prod some more.  So much for very good health.

And that was my day yesterday, now today I went to Deer Park with Bob and forgot my phone so now I am in trouble because half the world wanted to know if I was still OK.  Well I am so the other half now knows I am also.  OK that is.
I took some pictures today of a large bald eagle we saw on the way home and some geese in our friends yard.  But they are still in the camera and am too lazy to go get them.  Another day.

So that was my rant and my excuse for not a picture. 



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  1. Wow Lea! When I was reading your description, I was thinking heart attack too. Scary stuff! I'm sorry you had to go through all that crap, but I am glad it wasn't a heart attack. I hate to say it...but, could it have been really bad gas causing such pain?? Did they consider the possibility of a minor stroke, which does make people dizzy, just not sure if it's painful. I wish they could have figured out an answer for you. Also, maybe when Bob's feeling better he'll decide to do the surgery sooner. He's probably just feeling bad and frustrated right now, but you know how stubborn men can be, and are. :)
    Hope all the drama's in your history for now, and you have a nice and relaxing day.