Friday, May 10, 2013

 My Justin going after Tazzy.  She bites everyone else but lets him maul her.  He is beginning to pull himself up on things.  Now the fun really begins.
A lady that lives down the road has about 3/4 of an acre yard.  Just a little is fenced off and she asked if we wanted to bring horses down to eat.  She really did not want them overnight so Bob rides Wrangler and ponies Raven and then goes back and rides them home.  She is a very nice lady who has undergone some tragic things.  She has the cutest English Bulldogs. 

Again I had several pictures and two is what I could load.  They will get posted here and there.  I did not work with Sage today.  We had to be at a funeral at 11.  That meant leaving here by 10.  Then I had a doctor appointment with my regular doctor.  He can't figure out what was the matter either.  Next Friday, the l7th. I have a cardiologist appointment later in the afternoon.  So anyway when we got home there were chores and we moved five steers and Charlie the bull. (I know Katie you named him something else but I can't remember and I remember Charlie).  Bob put up some temporary panels and they followed him.  They are all in with the cows now.  Bob will brand the steers and then next week take them to their summer pasture.

So all that to say, I didn't have time.  I must tomorrow though.  I am not going to ride her next Sunday though.  She just is not ready for a ride with a bunch of other horses I don't think.  I will ride Raven.

It was 88 degrees here today.  It was pretty warm at the cemetery.  Betty was a dear lady but had been gone from here quite a while so not many people there.  We did get to meet up with her younger sister that we spent time with 30 years ago.  She lives close to our girls.  Maybe we will get to see them once in a while.  We had a lot of fun with them when we were all younger.  It was very good to see Betty's son and daughter too.  They have aged so much, (and we haven't).  Wish the circumstance had been different.  Betty would have laughed her head off at the stories told about her.

I received some beautiful cards from my kids.  I would like for every one to be here for Mothers Day but they are mothers too with younger children so they need to be with their families.  It always makes me sad though.



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