Tuesday, May 15, 2012

R is for...............

R if for RIDER.

At least I think I am.

I started out at 6 years old with a big old white mare.

They got me a horse because I had been asking for one for years, and while waiting decided to ride the milk cows.I saddled them up and rode them at a walk trot and gallop. One day my horse showed up and Daddy got his dairy cows back. That is a true tale.

Today I worked with Sage. When I took her out of the pasture she began just dragging me. I was so frustrated. Where did my sweet Sagee go. All the time in the round pen when I got her there, she could not have been better.

This morning Bob had an errand up on Greenbluff and I had him drop me off at Best buy which was right in the way. I went in and told them what I wanted and they fixed me right up. I was on schedule for an upgrade. I did not want a smart phone. just what I can talk or text on.



  1. I had to laugh when you told about your riding cows. LOL
    Yeah, what the heck is going on with Sage??? Do horses just decide one day to slide back to Day 1 or what? Sorry to hear about that. She was doing so well. Darn her for that. Hope she figures out what's bugging her and you get your sweet girl back. Hugs!

  2. I used to ride our cows too! But bareback...cows are hard to ride bareback. Horses are much better - thank you. Aaah Sage!!! I think she's going thru a phase. She has the perverbial feather up her butt for sure. It'll pass, it always does. So last night I thought I'd put the halter on Eagle and lead him out along with Harley (the blind one), since he gets his feelings all hurt and such. Dang little bugar, he tried to sneak past me and run out again...I felt like a cutting horse and he was the cow! Well, after several attempts at blocking him - he won and got past me!! Oooh I was mad at him!! No more Missy nice!! He got caught and he knew he was a bad horse. He couldn't have been more perfect had he said yes mam and no mam! So, we had a nice little session and Mr. Eagle was quite contrite!! Hmmph!! Fascinates me how their minds work.

  3. I wonder if she could be having problems with her heat cycles. I had a mare who was an absolute b**** in heat. Vet wondered about cysts on her ovaries....could not afford the price of finding out.