Monday, January 2, 2012

Sage, Sage and Sage

One of my favorite pictures of Sage. Love her nose. None of these pictures were taken today but I did work with her. I am anxious to ride again. Maybe tomorrow if the weather stays like this.

She made me almost cry today. I went to get her and she trotted a long ways right up to me. She is so sweet and I know she loves me.

I have tons of pictures of her. Ditto is getting a little jealous of the attention Sage gets. She came up to me too. I had to go get treats to give to her. She is 31 this year, getting a little low in the back but is still bright eyed and not arthritic at all.

Thank you for letting me gush on and on about my Sage. She is a gift to me.

Blessings on and all,


  1. YOu still have green grass and green trees???????

  2. Gush on, Lea! I gush about my guys, too.(Sam and Kitty Girl) I've only EVER ridden a horse twice in my life, but my 2 sisters owned Tennesee Walkers for several years and they loved them as much as you love Sage. I was finally talked into riding 1 of them; and the other ride I took was on a rented horse as a 19 yr old. Got the worst case of saddle 'sore' butt you ever saw...had to take a pillow to sit on at work...LOL, I had NO experience before of any kind. But I love reading about your experiences as a horse person.

  3. Gush all you want. I love hearing about Sage's progress. Happy New Year.

  4. No green grass and trees Sharon, just pictures of Sage thru the months, You can pretend though.

  5. Love the beautiful headset in that second photo (Ithink)!! And, prettylateral flexion too...very nice! I need to get back to work on Mr. Eagle too...he's been quite full of himself lately. Happy New Year!!