Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Five little....................

On the 5th. day of Christmas
I give to you 5 little toes. 
He didn't want to hold his foot still.  I still could not get his whole foot in the picture but I guarantee he has five little toes.

I put the horses out this morning and Sage was so glad to see me.  It made me feel bad because I have not been spending much time with her.  She was so good. 

Another dead chicken and Katie and Cam have got to do something with her.  Not only does she like chickens, she likes to dig too.

I am getting things wrapped and wish I had a couple of boxes.  One to mail and one to just put stuff in to take to Marysville/Everett with us.   I got the mess off our bed so I can crawl in in a while and watch the Gonzaga/WSU basketball game.  I don't know who to root for. 

Snow is predicted for this weekend.  We will see.  I really don't mind it too much.  We had a beautiful sunset this evening and usually that means a good day tomorrow.  I hope the old wives tale holds true.

Blessings to you all.

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