Monday, December 3, 2012


On the 3rd. Day of Christmas I have three bunnies. 
I  have my bathroom decorated with bunnies.  These 3 are part of my bunnie collection.

Just about finished my shopping today.  I think one more store and I will have it done.  Now to get it wrapped and my sisters package in the mail.  They are going away for Christmas and I want them to have the box to take with them.  They have rented a large cabin in the mountains for the entire family.  Its a difficult year for them and this sounds like a wonderful alternative.

Rain and wind, wind and rain - that is what we have had recently.  Last night was bad.  Bob went out right after dark for something and one of the steers met him face to face in the yard.  Whoops, all 9 of them were out.  We got them corner and penned up.  The gate to where they belonged was open so we just left them.  Herding cattle after dark in the wind and rain isn't fun at all.  This morning the bad boys were all back where they belonged and looked at Bob like, WHAT? 

Have Justin a little while tomorrow.  I have missed my baby. 


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