Saturday, November 17, 2012

Grey Days

Rather than struggle with trying to get more pictures loaded, I am just going to load this one so you will know Sage is still around.  I seem to not have been so adept at getting pictures of the horses, let alone, our mustangs.  I had just let Sage out this morning and she usually drops and rolls but not today when I had the camera ready.

I hate this time of the year when day after day is grey and dismal and drippy.  We did have a little snow but now its raining again.  .  Every winter I go on about the grey days. 

When I slipped and fell last week I didn't think I hurt myself other than my knee but man oh man has my back hurt.  It much better today.  It gets really bad in the evenings.  Not so bad today though.

I am working on my quilt.  I have about 25 blocks done, it takes 70.  Maybe next year by this time I will be done.  LOL.  When it is though, I will really let out a whoop because it is all hand done.

Bob got 10 tons of hay today for the cows.  We have enough horse hay and now we have enough for the cows. 

So, it is time to get ready to get ready to go to the Back Country Horsemen meeting this evening.    I had Justin for a while today and I have not really gotten dressed, pj bottoms and a T shirt.  I don't think Bob wants me to go dressed like this.  Hope your Sunday is blessed.

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  1. Boy, I sure know how you feel about these grey days! We come from Maltby, on the west side of the mountains, and rain all winter was such a downer. Looking out my window this morning its all fogged in and can barely see the surrounding area. We had the same little bit of snow last week and rain or grey ever since. Snow melted except for plowed berms.
    Wonder what's up with your camera and pictures problem. Is it more the camera or the blog site? Sad for ya. :(