Thursday, October 11, 2012

 October 12, l957
We were so young.
 A couple of years ago.  We look about the same except my hair is more short.  Once we were young, now we are old.  Well, we don't feel so old but we are.
One side of my pillow.  The other side picture would not load for some reason.  It is all hand made, not one machine stitch at all.  It does not show the quilting  on the white frame.  I am quite proud of myself actually.

Did not do a lot today.  Lazy,?  I don't know. 

Tomorrow Bob and I are running away, not knowing just where but together for the day.  55 years is something to celebrate.  I wanted to go away somewhere for a few days but with Katie due any time we really could not ask her to take care of things.  We will do it at some point.

I have a meeting on Saturday in Ellensburg and Bob is going to take the trailer full of Chrissy and Wendy's stuff to them.  They found an apartment in Everett.  I would like to see them and Nikki and her family but I will be going over at the end of the month.  I will see them all then.

My poor mustangs are doing well.  Just have not gone out and played with them.  I know Sage thinks I have deserted her.  The only one I really have done anything with is Rosie. 

Just watched the Vice Presidential debate.  I know who they say won but I don't know.  I just will be glad when its all over.  I hate the ugly ads of all the candidates including state candidates.  I was raised with the premise if you can't say something good, don't say anything at all.  I guess that does not pertain to politics.

My computer is partially working. Cameron came and of course it worked fine for him.  Still have some problems like pictures not posting and having to try 2 or 3 times to get Face Book to open. 



  1. Happy anniversary! I hope you two have a wonderful day.

    I love your pillow! And I love that you did it by hand. That makes it so much more special.

  2. I hope you both have a nice day tomorrow. Happy Anniversary!
    55years....quite an accomplishment