Friday, October 26, 2012



The only living of the three that I started out with.  She is a holy terror.  Bites, attacks and harasses the dogs.  She is really cute though and when she is done terrorizing everyone she can, she likes to cuddle.  She is litter box trained.  She is going to get spade and declawed as soon as she is old enough.  After all we did to keep her alive, she is going to just be an indoor cat even if we said no more house kitties. 

We had a good time last night at our Mustang and Burro Club Meeting and shower for Katie.  We ate good and changed our Christmas Party from Saturday the 15th. of December to Friday the 14th. due to circumstances over which I have no control over.  It will be fun though.

It was so great to have Andrea with us last night.  She has missed several meetings.  Welcome back friend.

After I bragged to Andrea last night that Sage was easy to catch, of course today she ran away from me.  It was pouring down rain so I let her get away with it but if I can get out without a rain cloud hanging over us,  I will catch her and work with her a little.  This is a hard time of the year without an indoor arena.  I say that every year.  The daughter of a good friend has been going to come and ride but it has rained and the wind has blown every day she has off from work.  Sorry Kailee. 

Nothing much else going on.  Bob got a deer today - the last day of regular hunting season (I think).  He gets pumped about getting one but really I don't care.  I don't care too much for venison.  I like it made into burger but not any other very much.

So hope your week was good.



  1. Love the kitty picture. Glad you are keeping and enjoying her. I know its your decision, but I hope you might consider not getting her de-clawed...I understand that it means to cut off the 'end' toe that the claw is in; and IF she should mistakenly get outside...well, she would be defenseless and unable to climb well to get to safety...I almost did this procedure on a kitty until I was informed about these two things...made me stop and think about it from that perspective and so I'm passing this info along to you (in case you hadn't heard it). I know it leads to cutting the nails (fun, but doable with treats and patience)and a scratch post, but no worse than cleaning the catbox..:) anyway, nuff said...Hugs!

  2. Cindy is correct in what the procedure entails. But I would like to share my experience with declawing. My mom had one cat who was declawed in the front but not in the hind. He refused to be an indoor only kitty and he lived to be 23 years old. His name was Tarwathy. (Tar for short) Tar climbed trees hunted (and caught) birds and mice and fought with neighborhood cats constantly. When a cat has this handicap they do things differently, they fight with back feet and teeth and actually inflict more damage to their opponants. Now on the other hand, it may be that not all cats adapt as well as he did. I only know about good old Tar and how he was. Of course the decision is yours, and you know your kitty and can better predict how she will adapt. The spaying though....good choice! :)