Friday, September 7, 2012

More Camping Trip

Red sunset over Montana.
Sage out the window of the tent.

Raindrops keep falling on my head - actually 2 storms all week. They both were thunder and lightening. I was concerned because we were camped at the edge of a big meadow. We went and got the horses in. Did not want them to be a target for a lightening bolt.

Bob ponying me along after she did her airs above the ground with me. She really goes well being ponied.

Sitting around on a different trail ride. We had been having lunch. It was the time she (Sage) tromped on my helmet. I didn't think I left it that close but she got stung or something because she went from standing there asleep by a tree to throwing herself backwards and rearing all over the place.

Another walking along on a nasty trail.

Part of the nasty trail before I got off. She picked her way around the rocks but I did better not on her back. I was so afraid she would hurt herself if she got to acting funny. That is how wide the trail was and not near as rocky as it got. It was awful.

Crossing the bridge. She did that wonderful. Even when I was riding her unattended. She would rather walk a bridge and step down into the water. If she could just walk in she didn't mind but most had a big step down and she did not like that.

My feet and muddy pant legs when we got back from the nasty trail. I had waded mud, water and bog.

Bob telling one of his whoppers.

Quite a day. Our mama cat got killed by a car over night and left us with 5 three week old kittens to take care of. Heather, Katie's friend is going to take 2 of the 3 black ones. That leaves me 3 to feed every 2 or 3 hrs. I went to the vet this morning when we found out and got a little bottle and some cat milk formula. When it is gone, she said to give them goat milk. We have access to that from Shannon. Poor babies were so hungry. They are eating better this evening. Their little tummies get full fast.

Other than that, just a day. I need to go see Vicki to go on with my quilt. She is gone this weekend camping with her mules and I don't have time anyway. Have other projects I can work on. I have a rug ready to mail as soon as I get Lori's address.

I should have ridden today but had other things to do instead. Tomorrow is Katie's baby shower. That will take up the afternoon. It is supposed to be hot too. I am ready for some 70's weather. I am not complaining though.


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  1. Even if the trails were hard, you should be proud of yourself and your horse for doing it! That's stuff some horses never will see.

    I love Bob's whoppers. Wish I could've been there. :)

    Sorry about your mama cat. And I bet you are going to be one tired lady for a while, feeding those kittens.