Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Good progress

I forgot to take my camera out this morning but Sage did good. Marilyn came this morning. I went to catch Sage and I could not catch her. She came in and worked her in the pen around and finally got her. She had caught her and turned her loose several times and then she worked at her leading nicely. Without putting her head down for a snatch of grass. She put her back into her pen and left her about 10 minutes and then caught her again. She had to do some working with her. Later today I went in with the halter and lead rope and she came right up to me and put the halter on her and we went for a walk. She minded so well. Marilyn will be back in the morning at 9 for more work. I hope she will feel she is ready to ride.

So my work with Sage gave me a glad day. Bob is cutting hay for a guy in Deer Park. He pays him in hay instead of money. Works for us and for him. He will go back in the morning for another day. Its been so wet and now it seems like we are supposed to have an extended time of good weather, good for hay farmers.

I was so glad to see that Gerry Cox, a trainer who lives in Arden (near Colville), placed 3rd. in the Extreme Mustang Challenge in Albany, Oregon last weekend. He brought Annie Fannie home. Good job Gerry. My computer won't let me view the video of his freestyle run. You can get it at his Face Book.

Bob got home and we finished up the scalloped potatoes he made me last night. With Polish Sausage in them it was yummy.


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