Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Older Horse Pictures

I may have posted some of these before. I have a short memory sometimes.

This is me showing Ditto at the fair. She did quite well. That was about 16 years ago. At least that far back.

One of my favorite pictures of Rosie. That is my cart in the background.

This is Mellow Gold. AKA Mel. I had great high hopes for him but he just didn't pan out for me. He did well at halter and showmanship but not riding. He did not like she show ring and nothing I could do improved it. Even a trainer tried and he just didn't want to do it so I sold him.

Yuma as a baby. He was about 10 months old when we got him.

My last ride on Ditto. No one has rode her since except maybe Isaac being led around on her. She was the smoothest horse I have ever ridden.

Dun In Glory, aka Glory. She was an excellent showmanship horse. She did well in the show ring too but not to me. We had a personality clash. I sold her to a little girl to do walk trot on and she cleaned up and they loved each other.

It has been rainy and cold and I have just not done anything with Sage. Working on a rug and registration for the Back Country Horsemen of Idaho convention which is in a week and a half. That is taking more time than I thought it would be its stuff I enjoy.


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