Sunday, March 18, 2012

A new week

What is that? It was Raspberry. She was bouncing around like a goat sized ball and Sage wondered what on earth she was.
I was cleaning stalls. Sage was just practicing standing tied and Ezra didn't want to practice. He didn't want her nose aiming at him either. I took him for a walk too. Then I had this idea to put him in a little pasture area. I thought he would like being out there. He went to the middle and hung his head. When he saw he coming he started he hawing loud. I think he was saying I don't like it out here by myself. I won't try that again. THEN I put him back in his stall. I went to lay down and read a while and my phone rang and it was Katie. She said I thought you would want to know the donkey was out. I went and got a halter and lead and he let me walk right up and take him back. I know I fastened it good but he got it undone some how.


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  1. Sage looks so cute checking out that goat. :) Sounds like you had a much better day today. Glad you're feeling better!