Sunday, February 12, 2012

This and That

This is Piper. She is l8 months old.
This is Kiyanna. She will be 3 next week. She is my little buddy.

Our grandson Robby who is the father of those precious great granddaughters. He looks so much like his father - our son Scott. They were too wound up to want to sit on his lap and post pretty for their Grammy and Robby said it was like trying to hold an armful of worms. We love them so much.

Nikki was here this weekend since late Thursday. We had such a good time. This is Isaac and Tiger. Lane was determined to take Tiger home but his mother of course said no and I told him that was my cat and he could not have him. Lane is 13 and having a hard time growing up. Isaac got to ride Rosie for a while but I forgot to take any pictures. Rosie was not really wanting to mind very much either. I should have lunged her first but it is still icy in the round pen and they wanted to go home today.

Lane and Raspberry. He is a real animal lover and its too bad they live in town. He would have chickens and cats and heaven knows what else.

This was Sage today. She is healing up so well. I would never have guessed it when I found it last week. Vetricin is wonderful stuff. She is getting a little better about the spray bottle but it is still not her favorite thing. Maybe by the time it is healed she will not wig out.

We did have a good weekend. I don't think Nikki realizes how much I miss her. She had a good morning at church. She got to see friends she has not seen in a while and I got to introduce her to Greg and Lisa, two of our favorite people. Her bestie friend from high school was there and she got to have a good chat with Joanne. Our youngest daughter Chrissy and her family came out Saturday evening. It was good. And today we sold two of our cows and now we have money to do some things and some to put in savings for an emergency fund. That had been worrying us.

So that was our weekend. Loved every minute of it.


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  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! And Sage's boo-boo looks much better.