Friday, January 6, 2012

What you do when you can't sleep.

Last night was another of those nights. I read, I fidgeted and got up before I woke Bob up who was happily snoring away. I looked outside and the moon was bright almost like daylight. So I put on my clothes quietly and went out at 1:00 AM and went and caught Sage. As per usual recently she trotted up to me like what are you doing out here this time of night. Put her halter on and we went out and over to the back yard. Could not believe how light it was. We practiced some things, started teaching her to bow, groomed her, loved on her, fed her treats and turned her back out. She would have stayed with me. She stood and looked over the gate at me. I imagine she was a little confused. I came in at 2:30 and went back to bed. Bob felt my cold body and said "where have you been" and I just casually mentioned being outside working with my horse. He sat bolt upright and said "WHAT?" and I repeated. He thought I was nuts and maybe I was but I went right to sleep then.

Anyone else done anything so crazy. I didn't think it was crazy. We enjoyed each others company. She wasn't sleeping and neither was I so we spent it together.

Nothing else exceptional going on. Anyone want a hand crocheted rag rug for $50.00. I have several done after Christmas gifts.

What a weird winter. It was in the 50's earlier this week. It was frosty when I was outside last night but was in the low 40's today. Officially we have had 2" of snow, none really at our house. I hope it doesn't wait until February or March to snow.



  1. I love rag rugs Lea but unfortunately my budget is on a diet. Taxes are hitting us hard this year. And yes I've gotten up like that...I don't have a horse and it's cold outside! But I do get up and sew. :). Blessings, Marlene

  2. I get up and blog. One morning, however, I got up and...gag...cleaned the living room! Yes, I know about those nights when you just can't sleep!

  3. Lots of us get those kinds of sleepless nights. Its a club, I think! LOL I just knew you'd say Bob thought you were nuts for doing fun stuff at that hour with your Sage. LOL
    What stuff do you think Bob is nuts about? Bet he doesn't though, huh? LOL Sometimes we spouses have times we wonder about the other.....:))