Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Wrangler as a new born. His mama was Sandy.

Bob and I and a friend on a trail ride probably 20 years ago.

Lane on Pepper, Lane is now 13.

Wrangler and Bob in the Bob Marshall Wilderness in Montana


Wrangler last summer.

I did work with Sage today and she did mostly well. She is learning the things I have been trying to get her to do. Can't wait for Marilyn to come again. I didn't ride her, maybe I will be able to tomorrow.

Today I baked zucchini bread and brought groceries for this next Friday. So that was my day. Chrissy and Wendy came out this evening to visit and have Bob look at a ring they found in the dirt at a part. I think It is real but told them to take it to Zales and they will tell her. If it is, its about 2 carats with little diamonds on the side. It is beautiful, real or not.

Tomorrow I will make an applesauce cake and then clean the kitchen. At least that is my plan at this point.

Keep praying - blessings


  1. Beautiful old pictures! Thanks for sharing.

  2. You seem to be having better success with the uploading of your photos. I love old photos, too. Didn't you have some house remodeling going on this past summer, too? Got some of that? I know you were really excited about it all.

  3. Lea,

    I'm here... Reading every day. Love all the beautiful pictures! The horses look so amazing!

    Am worried about your hand...

    Your cooking sounds yummy and making me hungry.


  4. Thank you for the picture of Amelia..