Thursday, December 8, 2011

Not my fault this time

And on the seventh day I have 7 burning candles
And on the 8th day of Christmas I have 8 Santas

I was not here yesterday BECAUSE I got a new computer desk. I cleared the old one off and that was a challenge because it was a mess. And then Bob took all the computer things off and everything was unplugged. It got late and he was tired so it stayed that way.About the time I went to bed, I thought dang, I have a lap top. All I had to do was plug in the computer and the router and I would have access but I was too tired to get up and do it.

I really like my new desk but I don't think it has as many places to store things. Will see. I know I have getting rid of some stuff as I put it back. Does any one have any ideas how to get stuff off of floppy's onto CD's. I have tons of pictures on them and now they are useless. I don't know if I kept the original pictures or not.

I had my eye appointment and it was good news and bad news but not too bad. The implant in my eye is intact where it needs to be. However, it has a film on it for some reason. She said once in a great while it happens. So that is why I don't see so well out of my left eye. On January 16th. she will clean it off with laser surgery. That makes me a little nervous but she assured me it takes about 2 minutes and I will be able to go home in an hour. So more messing around with my parts.

My hand is coming along fine. Am struggling with getting it straight, just have to continue to work on it.I think it is really ugly, scarred and scabby but it does not feel as awful as it even did yesterday.



  1. I'm glad your hand is feeling better!

    You make it sound like you're a robot with all this repair of "parts." :) I'm sorry you have to do all of that. But I'm glad the vision problem is a fairly easy fix.

    Not sure how to get the photos off the floppy discs but there has to be a way. Good luck!

  2. You can buy a floppy disk drive that plugs into a USB port. Then you can transfer your files. I got one a while ago at Best Buy, I think it was under $30.
    Your implant cleaning will make you happy.
    I like your Christmas pics.

  3. I told you how to do it Lea but it's not free! I would have my friend do it but just can't right now.