Monday, December 26, 2011

Hahahaha - A Funny Picture

My sister sent me A WSU "Cougar" hat for Christmas. It is really funny and I love it. I went to WSU when it was WSC ions ago and am still a Cougar fan. She knows it. Love my hat. Wore it to Steve and Debbie's yesterday.

We had a wonderful dinner at Steve and Debbie's last evening. It was nice to not have to cook any of it. They got me a yummy cuddly white fleece robe. It will be wonderful to cuddle in.

Katie and her new puppy came over this evening. She got a little spooky after dark their first night in their house and Cameron was working. Her puppy is a Golden Retriever named Callie. She is sweet. Maggie was insulted and Pistol was jealous. Its funny. Callie played with one of Pistol's toys and then Pistol wouldn't have anything to do with her toy. Made us laugh.

Fought a headache and half all day. They make me so mad. Oh well, if its not gone tomorrow I will fill up on Excedrin and do what I want.


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