Sunday, December 11, 2011

Day 11

On the 11th. day of Christmas I bring you ELEVEN ice cubes ready to go into my glass of lemonade.

I am glad I posted early yesterday or it would not have gotten done. We had a wonderful time at our Christmas party at Marilyn and Dave's beautiful home. There were 13 of us. A new face and Angela and her dad Wayne and Pat came with Mary. It was fun. We had a wonderful dinner of tacos and all the stuff that went with them that folks brought for potluck. I think every one ate their capacity. The gift exchange was wonderful and everyone took home a nice gift. I think the most glad was Alexa. She got something she had been wanting for a long time. I got homemade jam and pumpkin bread and a candle. There were a couple of kinds of jam besides the raspberry that I won't want to share. We laughed and talked and shared stories. Mary made me a pillow of leather on one side and fabric on the other that says Mustang Dreams on it. I love it. I will post a picture one of these days. Thank you all so much for loving your mustangs and coming together and sharing with each other once a month. I promise more rides this year. Keep me to it.

Today we went to church and when we got home Bob went down to Shannons to help them for a while. They had hired our grandson Ryan and his friend Eric for the day and when they were completed we took the boys home and went in long enough to get hugs from the rest of the family and then home to have some dinner. There were a couple of dogs hanging around today and I could not get them to leave. Bob found a deer head down by the barn. I am sure they brought it. ICK. They did leave before Bob got home though. They had collars on but were very large German Shepherds. I did not go out, just yelled at them from the porch. I am glad the chickens were penned up. I don't know that they would have gotten them but I did not want to know.

It was really cold again today and a little fog but not snow. They keep saying we will get some but so far, zilch. I am NOT complaining, be sure.

I hope your Sunday was blessed,

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