Sunday, October 2, 2011


These are all pictures of Marilyn working with Sage. I tried today to reinforce the things she did today. I felt so crummy with these dang allergies I only could work about an hour. She will lower her head for me and back with me wagging my finger at her. I got the plastic bag all over her back but don't touch my head is what she told me. We will work on that again tomorrow. I am having a time getting her to move her haunches and step over. We mostly just got one step both her haunches and front end. We did each thing over and over. I tried getting her to change directions on the lounge line with her rear end. I was not successful with that move. Maybe tomorrow.

I have felt icky all day. My head is so stopped up. Just my yearly struggle this time of the year. I am about packed to leave Wednesday. One thing today the water pump was about to go out on my car. Bob and Tom replaced it today. I am so glad it did it at home rather than out in the middle of the desert in Oregon.

Some good news for our church family. At least for us because we love them so much. Our worship pastor Jason is leaving to get his masters degree in theology. That is not the good news, we love Jason but not like we love Greg and Lisa. Greg will be added to the staff. I am excited about that. I love how they lead worship besides how we love them as people. We just had a connection the first time we met them.


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  1. WOW - you have made such progress with Sage! Amazing. I'm super-duper impressed.

    Enjoy your days away - I hope you are able to blog.