Sunday, October 16, 2011


These are all pictures I took last weekend. Not any Kigers, just the other horses at the corrals that are adoptable. Doesn't the black and white mare look like Sage. Most of them are from Barren Valley but some from other places.

The yard sale was quite a success. However, our neighbor passed away Friday morning. That did not make the sale any easier. And his drunken, drug sniffing brother is executor so we have family involved all around. That part was not fun. Well none was fun but that made it worse. We took the money over and turned it over to him and had him sign a receipt for it. I was not comfortable turning better than four thousand dollars over to him in cash but he signed two places..

I slept off and on all day today. All I managed to do was run to the store and come home. I had planned on going to church but slept until it was way past time to get there. Felt bad but I was exhausted.

Tomorrow hook or crook I am going to get back to Sage.


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