Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Trying Again

Tried my saddle on her and a heavier pad. Still too tight. Have a built up pad I am going to try tomorrow. I did not get on her today. She was acting weird and I found a big bite that may have been a bee sting on her shoulder. When I touched it she jumped. I wiped her down with fly spray and took her up and loaded her in the trailer for practice and put her in her pen up here. I think I will keep her in for a few days. She ran away from me this morning and we are not going to start that game. So its back to her pen.

I hope the saddle pad works. I can't afford a new saddle and that one fits me so well. She is so big. She has nice withers but is wide in her shoulders.

Had another vegetarian dinner tonight. We ate the last of the green beans, the last of the broccoli, fried zucchini and fresh sliced tomatoes. It was good, really good. I am going to process tomatoes tomorrow. They are sooooooo good.

Take care and blessings.


  1. I hope the saddle works. Probably smart to give her a day off to recoup from whatever happened to her shoulder. The bees are bad.

  2. Hope you get your saddle issues resolved. Too bad we're not closer, we have a full QH bars saddle that would probably fit her. Our bees here are becoming quite aggressive lately, and Ladde has been stung numerous times...he's the only one tall enough to be continuously rooting amongst the fruit tree branches. :) Your garden dinner sounds delicious to me! I'm still waiting on my tomatoes!!! We've picked 2 and 1 was mushy and tasteless, and I threw it out. My tomatillos are just about ready, but it's sure been a slow gardening year. Think I'll buy some local tomatoes and can those. I'm needing to process some more peaches too. Simply cannot live without those in the wintertime. Have a wonderful day Lea! Oh, last night I found all 5 horses packed like sardines inside the outside shelter...scared the *&%% out of me!! Other than a new cut just under his eye, Harley seemed ok. Just keep hoping all works out with the herd. Eagle seemed to be a good fellow last night.