Thursday, August 4, 2011

A better day

She wasn't as relaxed today when I got on. I want to take her into the round pen but not until she stays relaxed. She has had 3 days off so maybe that was part of it. That and it was bloody hot.

My first job this morning. I put these in the freezer instead of eating them all.

Our neighbor can't seem to cut a break. His brother came to stay with him and help him but he over dosed on Wayman's pain medicine. Wayman called Bob frantic because he had quit breathing. He called and ambulance and Bob dashed down there. I went over to see what I could do which was nothing. The ambulance crew got him awake and conscience and took him to the hospital. W. is kicking himself for leaving it out. Bob is over there with him. Maybe will spend the night I don't know. He is so frail and thin. Keep them both in your prayers.


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  1. Probably a good idea to make sure she's relaxed. I'm getting back on BG for the second time tomorrow if all goes well. Wish me luck.