Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Two plus three equal 5

Sheya riding the bucking donkey. She held on and he bucked. Then he stopped and she slid off. I told her she is my cowgirl.
She just hopped up on him. He was trying to eat supper though. That is why he got a little upset with her.

Ryan and Grandpa working and Sheya was telling them about her exciting ride.

Our swallows in the barn. There are several nests. They really keep the bugs down.

Isaac, Sheya and Seth bringing Liberty in. She prefers to stay out.

Wrangler just came right up to me when he came in. I think he thought I had a treat. I didn't.

Bob went to get Lane and Isaac and ended up with Ryan, Seth and Sheya also. They are going to sleep out on the lawn tonight in back. Good kids all of them.



  1. I LOVE this picture of wrangler!! he is such a sweetheart!

  2. Lea, the grandkids look happy, healthy, and beautiful. I am thrilled that you get to spend this time with them. Don't you just love summers and breaks from school? They will never forget the time at your place.

    The horses look great, at usual. You do a fantastic job!