Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sages First Bath

Because it was 80 today I thought it was a good opportunity to introduce Sage to the hose and water. She freaked out a little at the beginning but did well until the water hit the barn and she really wigged out then so wed did it over and over until she quit. Did not soap her up, just water this time and then she stood there until she was dry so she wouldn't go out in her pen and roll in the dirt. Have never seen her roll but I am reasonable certain that if she had been wet, I would have witnessed it.

Lane helping with pouring the sand mixture onto where we are making a new patio. He worked really hard for a warm day.

Isaac putting the horses off the grass. He did it by himself. Liberty was not as anxious to comply as the others but her persisted.It was hot today but not overbearing. It just felt good.


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