Friday, June 17, 2011

The TarpTest

Today was grocery shopping day. That always takes me quite a long time. I try to get an entire months worth so I don't have to get anything but milk, bread and some produce during the month.

This afternoon I was out talking to Sage over the fence. Bob walked by her pen with a wheelbarrow with a waterer and stuff in the wheel barrow. She wigged out over it so I went in and was talking to her. He parked the wheelbarrow near her feeder. She wouldn't go near him. I roller the ball and she jumped but went and smelled it. That was progress. She still would not go over where Bob was so I picked up the tarp and started walking around not looking at her dragging the tarp. Before I quit she was following it a bit and went to her feeder where Bob had put hay. She is such a spooky one at first over things. We keep working on it though.

I got the invitations to Katie's shower ready to mail and half of them stamped. I will need to buy another book of stamps to finish. Now if people with just RSVP.

It was cloudy all morning but OK this afternoon. I really want warm. I mean REALLY.


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