Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sage and the Snowman

I brought Manny the Snowman out of the tack room and lay him over the hitch rail. I thought Sage would wig out but she didn't. Just smelled and wondered what that was. It looked like a strange person and he just hung there.
When she got all done smelling him and still wondering what he was, we went in to the round pen and I long lined her. She did really really well. One of these days I will have to put a bridle on her but so far, the rope halter has done just fine.

She just walked around and around did figure eights and when Bob hung Manny on the gate, she walked by him giving him a glance and a whiff.

I got a hold of Manny and he walked over to her. I used his hand to pet her neck and all over her face and the he got on. I thought she might jump but no, she just stood there. I have got to figure out how to make his back straight but for today he just lay in the saddle. I did not move her around because I was afraid he would fall off. She had been so calm I did not want to mess up the day and then have to work longer.

We had a wonderful day and I gave her treats and turned her back out. I went back out this afternoon and she came up to me and nuzzled me. I know, I know, its looking for treats but I just hugged her and told her what a good girl she was a came back out.

Life today was good.



  1. WOW! Lea, you have come so far with Sage. That is so awesome... Sage sure is a pretty girl (and you, too! smile).


  2. Lea, I saw this on facebook so I came over to check it out. Have you used a doll with other horses? She sure looks calm and ready for you. Are you going to do her first rides in a halter? I've often wondered if I'd rather ride my horses in one. I don't really think the bit gives us as much control as we think.


  3. I admire your patience for not riding her!
    But easy does it.

  4. Sage is such a beautiful horse. I love reading about his progress.