Monday, May 16, 2011

Rain Rain and Rain

It rained almost all day long, literally poured. Bob remembered the job he had started a year ago. Yes, A year ago and he worked on it some more today. I hope its not a year until he does more on it. But don't want it to rain like this either.

I made a rhubarb cobbler , got dinner took a long nap and that was my day.



  1. Sounds like a nice day--at least you got him to work on a project, LOL! Your rhubarb cobbler sounds delicious!

  2. Rainy days make good indoor project days! Sorry about the rain - we are getting it here, too. We are expecting poor weather all week long.

    Hang in there!


  3. Yes, a year is a looooonng time to get back to a project, for sure. Wonder what he hated about it to put it on the tail end of the list...LOL
    I got one who does that too. Hugs!

  4. Rhubarb cobbler sounds wonderful! I had a hard time sitting around in the rain with nothing to do, and then John gave me some bookwork to do when the sun was out. Pooh.