Friday, April 1, 2011

Tra la la Tra la -Spring today

I should have had Bob take pictures but I didn't. I spent a quite a long time working with Sage. This time I had a 12 foot rope, gloves and a lunge whip. She did her buck around but I used Karen's advice and made her keep moving. Because, she was doing the big buck thing and then stop and look at me. Well, did that get to you look on her face. So me and the whip, now I did not hit her with it, kept her going until she was walking relaxed both ways around me. I did a lot of petting in between and rubbing and she wanted a treat and when we were done I took her out on a walk about and let her eat the green grass that is sprouting. She nosed around and snorted but didn't do her hoochy coochy dance when something made her nervous. She even went back to the pen and was relaxed. Now I want to do a happy dance. I was so discouraged after the other day. Won't be home tomorrow but Sunday I hope to do some more of the same and add some things. I am proud of her and of me.

It was a lovely day in this neighborhood. Things are beginning to dry some but rain is predicted tonight and tomorrow. We will see, not downpours like we have had though. We ordered the stuff for the footing in our stalls today as soon as the truck can get in. The would sink to their axle now. We have to get them cleaned clear down to the dirt and smooth and start looking for mats to go over the stuff Bob ordered. I don't know what its called. Really fine gravel, almost sand but not.

Nikki and her younger two boys are on their way over. They will be here in about an hour. She is coming with a friend and her boys and staying in a motel. It makes me sad they won't be here but that's the way it is when your kids grow up. We will see them and the little boys will stay with us next week. It will be fun. Lane is 12 and Isaac is 6.

I have to go to Ellensburg to a Washington State Horsemen meeting tomorrow. Its a 3 hour drive over and the same back. I enjoy that organization. Don't like that drive though.

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