Thursday, April 7, 2011

A lost tooth and more burritos

Every time Isaac comes to stay with us he loses a tooth. The tooth fairy forgot to come last night though, hope he remembers tonight. He had to call his mom to tell her "I lost a tooth".
Today I finished 90 breakfast burritos. I hope some are left over so we have some on hand but I really don't expect there to be. I can roll one up pretty fast with experience.
Sheya wanted to ride today really bad so Bob led her around on Pepper. Tomorrow is supposed to be nice and I will ride him and pony Rosie until she gets used to riding alone again. She is nine and has been riding alone since she was 6 but has not rode for quite a while so I think that's safer. She was having a hard time getting on....................

but she made it.

Sage had an absolute tantrum when Bob took Pepper out of his pen and she thought he was going to get fed and she was missing out. Bob is going to pony her soon when we have a nice day and the arena area is dried up enough to ride in.

Had a Northeast Zone of Washington State Horsemen this evening. It was a good meeting.

And we had dinner. I try to avoid places like that because I always eat too much. Good food though.


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