Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tack Swap Day

Today was the big 4H Tack Swap in Spokane. For me it always seems like the beginning of horse happenings. We took stuff out and bought some things. Bob found just the bit he had been looking for, for Wrangler and some boots that will fit most of the horses. They look like I might even be able to get them on. I got a halter for Sage and a pair of boots for me. Dress up boots. Just what I have been wanting. We spent more than we sold but that's OK. The dress boots I got are brand new and the other things were in great shape too. I think the purple halter is new too. We, disappointingly did not sell the 2 saddles we took but it did not look like a lot of them sold. It was fun to run into all kinds of people we knew from Lewiston on north and Moses Lake east to Spokane.

I did talk to the lady who is working with the Mustang Heritage Group that is doing Youth activities. They hope to have one in Spokane in 2012. I asked her to keep in touch and I knew we could help with that. Her daughter is the YaY (youth and yearling) thing last year with a yearling from Sage's herd. He was solid bay though. Big like her. I hope she will get in contact with me, I did not get her e mail. Dumb I know.

Bob is at a Gentlemen on Horseback dinner this evening with a neighbor. He is really trying to talk Bob into going with him next year down in Oregon. I am sort of iffy on whether Bob would enjoy it or not. He did like it when he went on the Chief Joseph (an appaloosa is a requirement to go) a few years ago but did not want to go any more. We will see.

Being without a phone stinks. I don't use it often but without it, of course I want to use it all the time. Aren't we silly creatures.

I saw four robins today, the very first ones. They are harbinger's of spring.


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