Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pepper AOK

I want to thank you all who prayed for Pepper last night. He astonished everyone with his recovery. I am so glad our vet understands the power of prayer. When Bob checked him at 1 AM her had not pooped but was passing gas. His gut sounds were good. At 1:30 he had pooped. He was looking for something to eat. On his regular diet for a while anyway is a cup or so of soaked beet pulp and a glug glug of mineral oil mixed in it. He was really hungry today and he was not happy in his stall but he is going to be there at least at night for quite a while. We are having a terrible time with stalls. Water is running in under the wall of the barn. We had to shovel in sand today. And with the prediction of rain every day for the forseeable future, I don't know what we are going to do. We have four stalls and one is a lake. The others aren't quite as bad.

We do not live anywhere near a creek or a river but we have a flood and its over the top of our barn boots in depth. Where it isn't there is mud to suck our boots off. I tried to put Amelia and Sage out to work on their stalls and it was raining so hard we hurried as fast as we can. Its awful. Can hardly get to the chicken pens. Its awful or did I already say that.

Tomorrow is the day we take our stuff to be consigned to the 4H tack swap sale on Saturday. We have 2 saddles and a bunch of other stuff. We loaded it in the car today. I want to be there at noon to avoid some of the crowd. There are a couple of things I want. Nothing big but its always fun to watch.

Sorry about no pictures but did not have time. Thanks again for everyones prayers.


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  1. Lea, I am so glad Pepper is okay. I was very worried (both for Pepper and YOU!)...

    Your water/flooding condition does not sound good, at all. Please keep us up-to-date on how things are going... Just horrible, I know.

    Hang in there. Warm days are coming! Try to find ways to de-stress, too - okay?