Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunshine and a MRI

The sunset last night. We have such beautiful ones here.
It was a beautiful but cold day. After church we went to brunch and then to Inland Imaging at Holy Family hospital for Bob's MRI. He was in there a little over and hour and a half.
Our mountain taken with my long lens. Its small compared to what I grew up looking at growing up but it is beautiful to look at in the winter. I have ridden to the top but its a long ride down.

This is tonight's sunset. Not as colorful but pretty anyway.
When we went down to put the horses out so I could clean stalls and they could have a little fresh air AND we found them both standing in water. They had got to playing with the tank that automatically gives them both water and whatever they did they kept it open and it was running all over. So, they are spending time outside tonight. They have water but we don't have enough heaters for them so they will be frozen in the morning. Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny so I can get some work done with Sage as well as a start on the sloggy stalls.
We won't find out until later in the week about Bob's MRI. He slept most of the time through it. I don't know how, it is so noisy.
In the mail I received Linda Laels Miller's newsletter. She is one of my favorite authors and lives around Spokane and has horses. Her books are mostly western romance stories. She has a fixation with cowboys and I love it. She included a list that I want to include. I hope she does not mind.. It is 10 qualities of a True Cowboy (how to tell the true blue from the wannabes)
1. Integrity is the fundamental virtue of the cowboy-the rock-solid determination to the right thing, no matter what.
2. Cowboys are honest, telling the truth even when it hurts them.
3. Cowboys are fearless when it comes to protecting their women, providing an irresistible combination of comforting safety - and delicious excitement.
4. Cowboys are productive; they are masculine, uncompromisingly male. No Beta males need apply.
5. Cowboys are productive, they are hard workers, digging in and getting the job done.
6. Cowboys can be trusted, with your secrets and with your heart.
7. In the face of adversity, cowboys just keep going, doing what needs to be done.
8/ Cowboys are helpful. They wouldn't thing of letting a lady to the heavy lifting.
9. Cowboys respect all critters, be they two-legged or four-legged.
10. Cowboys are quintessentially American.
My addition - I am married to one.


  1. Sweet. I have a cowboy, too. I wouldn't want any other kind!!!

  2. The sunset was beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

    Glad hubby got his MRI done. Too bad about the waiting period, but a week isn't so bad. Hopefully, the MRI results will shed some light on the situation.

    Oh, mud! Whether it be rain or horses foolin' around, isn't it just horrible to deal with? We are still muddy here from our weekend rains! My trash bin has like 20 pounds of horse poo and 100 pounds of mud (so hard to muck stalls when they are so muddy).

    Loved the cowboy sayings... Aint nottin' like a good cowboy.