Monday, February 7, 2011

House Cleaning Day

And boy did it need it. With such a busy week and weekend the house got ahead of me. You would think with just the two of us it would stay clean. HAHAHAHAHA. Not happening.

I did muck stalls today. It is so much easier when I get at it every day. I am trying really hard to do that because Bob can't do it and it is easier on my back daily. Today when I went to get Sage to put her out she had 3 chickens in the stall with her. They did not seem to be bothering her at all. When I put her in this evening they were not there. She is so easy to lead around that I can't believe it.

I about croaked tonight when I hear Kris Crocker on Chanel 5 news weather forecast. She said next week winter is going to return with a vengeance. I do not like the sound of that. With a vengeance she said, below temperatures and much moisture which would relate to snow wouldn't you think. I was imagine spring around the corner. I remember the most severe winter weather was in February some years ago with a big dump of snow and very cold with wind taking it to -60. I am hoping that is not the case.

Take care, Blessings.

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