Saturday, January 8, 2011

Printer help needed again

Katie helped me get the pictures off of the card out of my camera but I either have forgotten or something or other. Have some pictures I wanted to share but I can't get them off.

I haven't been anywhere for the last couple of days, just raining out and making a big mess and that is depressing and I didn't want to just gripe. So, I just stayed away.

Not much better today, just aggravated about the printer. The good things that matter to me anyway is Eastern Washington University won the national title last night beating Delaware by one point. It is the Division one NCAA. Their very first national title. Was so proud of them and then today the Seahawks beat New Orleans when no one said they could. Such a game. Hope they get to play Chicago but it will be a tough game whomever. Then, Gonzaga Basketball is on and the Zags are beating Portland by a sizable margin. If you're not a sports fan, just ignore that all.

Laura and Alexa came over today and we went to look at Sage. She was a little concerned about new faces but let me rub all over her face and rub her back. It is too icey to do much else. After the rain now it is freezing solid. Still quite a bit of snow so if we get more, it will back to the sleigh with Rosie.

Maybe pictures tomorrow. Blessings.

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