Monday, November 1, 2010

A lazy Monday

Velcro - Chrissy's kitty. She was having so much fun in the sack and when I lay down on the floor she thought I was a little nutsy. She loves bags as does out house kitty Trouble.
We went in to visit with Chrissy and Wendy today. We had some things that her Uncle Lynn and Aunt Jackie had sent to her.
See you!
They just stood around eating until I got out of the car. Then they were off to other places.

My mother and dad and little sister Sharon. Love this picture. I wish I knew what color our dresses were.
Just a grey drizzly day. Bob finished up cutting up his deer and getting it into the freezer. Then we decided to go visit Chrissy to go to the used book store. I was getting close to running out of books, well sort of. I have a large bookshelf full in our bedroom and a cupboard full in the living room. I am trying to read and reread them too.
I really wanted to take Sage to work with the ball today but not in this constant drizzle. It is supposed to do it all night and dry out tomorrow so maybe.
Tomorrow I think I am going to write the story of how we met the mustangs. I don't think I have done it before. If I have Oh well, a few new people are reading.
Don't forget to vote tomorrow unless you already have. We did about two weeks ago and its driving me nuts with all the signs and commercials. Don't think I have ever heard such nasty attack ads. I want it over. Just vote -

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