Friday, October 1, 2010


When you going to come play?
Today was day one of a photo challenge I am taking part in and the work of the day is waiting.
Actually I did do just a little with her today. We moved her to a different pen. She had not been touched for over 3 weeks. I went in and rubbed her shoulder and neck and put on a regular lead rope instead of the 20 footer I usually use. There are piles of dirt around outside her pen and stuff from the construction of the barn. She just followed me right out like she knew she should. At one point she jumped into my space. I touched her shoulder with my finger and she went right back where she should. I lead her across the round pen and into her new pen. It has a little more room and Sage does not need the high mustang fence any more. I was so proud of her.
I have a severe sinus infection. Went to the doctor yesterday and am on antibiotics. I feel much better today and am not coughing near as much That is a relief. The doctor told me to relax over the weekend so that is what I will do.
This afternoon we went down to Ritzville to meet out daughter Nikki and her friend Rita. I needed to get the things I forgot when I was over at Nikki's. They are there to go to a Mennonite Church Quilt Auction. They do sell some other things but its mostly lovely quilts that for the most part are hand pieced and hand quilted. I went with them about 3 years ago and Rita bought one for over a thousand dollars. They are beautiful but WAY out of my budget.


  1. I'd love to have one of those quilts too but also waaaaay out of my budget. :) blessings, marlene

  2. I'm sure those are some beautiful and special quilts~out of my price range, too!!!

  3. The highest one this year was $3500.00 It was GORGEOUS.