Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Sunny Day on the Farm

She looked at me like why are you asking me to stand here and do nothing. I will do it but it really is boring.
She and Bob were having a conversation about not pulling the rope thru the Blocker Tie Ring and eating grass. She stood there for better part of half and hour after we had been in the round pen and had lifted both front feet and we had taken a walk around the yard. Bob was working on a tractor up on the trailer and she didn't quite know about that but she went with me. Bob fed her grass hay and I snuck her a flake of alfalfa. I got caught be she really liked it. She doesn't like that grass hay and she had been so good.
The new stairs to the loft in the barn. They are narrow and steep but so very much better than a ladder.
We didn't do a whole lot today. Bob messed with the tractor and I fiddled around in the house. I am crotcheting an afgan and I get going on it and can sit for quite a while.
My thousand blessings list goes on -
319 Pockets in slacks
320 baby goats
321 watching puppies play

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