Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Waiting and waiting

Isn't this a pretty dahlia. We were at friends over in Hayden, Idaho last night. These flowers were in her yard. We got home later than I expected so went right to bed.
I don't know what kind of lilies these are but they were so beautiful. I was going to ask her but didn't get to it and then I forgot.

Steve fixing the hole in the ceiling. Its ready to mud. I thought Bob was going to do it tonight but he got busy outside. All the holes are at least covered and the floor hole is finished, floored, mudded, textured and painted. Can not tell it was ever there. Now if the ceiling turns out as well I will be delighted.
I bought a sofa and chair yesterday and it was supposed to be delivered today. Well, it is 8:30 PM and it is not here yet. I called and it will be here before 10 PM. I am usually in bed by then. I am not too thrilled about their timing. I have waited all day. I put out old one out on the lawn and a neighbor stopped and asked if it were for sale. I gave it to him. Its wearing out and it is very dirty. He is a drunk old bachelor so I guess he doesn't care. His dog chewed up the one he has I guess. Its gone anyway.

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