Saturday, August 7, 2010

I Should Listen

Rosie and Pepper as I turned them out to eat for the day. Bless their hearts. They could not even wait to get down the lane.
Last night Skeeter kept barking and I could not see anything out the windows. Bob is gone and I just thought the dogs were being silly. I should have went out to see.
When I went out the back door this morning to feed Jackie and heard something behind me as I was walking over, looked over my shoulder and who would be there but Chemmy and Yuma. NOT in their pen. I gave Jack his bucket of milk and went to see if I could find Rusty and Cody. Yep, they were on the lawn at the side of the house. I told them to go home and they trotted over and into their pen. So I got a halter, put it on Chemmy and led him in and Yuma followed. Of course its when I am here alone. They had knocked a panel that is used for a gate over. I got it back up and tied up pretty securely. Even though they were out they didn't go anywhere. They had not been out to the road thank God and the donks were looking for me. So all is secure tonight. If Skeeter and Maggie bark you can be sure that I will be going to check.
When I was a kid I had a magpie as a pet. Well actually he was the family pet. His name was ChaCha. He talked up a storm and was really a fun bird. So, I love them even though they are sometimes naughty. There were two of them playing outside the dining room window today. I am glad I try to carry my little camera around with me in my pocket.
Don't think I have posted the picture of our new garage door. Now to clear out the garage so we can use it.

Chrissy and Wendy came out to help me today. The kitchen ceiling is painted and things look so good. Just the spot over the sink that Bob needs to finish when he gets home tomorrow. I can't wait for my sister and brother in law to get here on Monday.



  1. Why do animals always get out of their pens when one is home alone? My goats always did that and a calf we had once was always getting out when my husband was gone!

    I'm glad everything was okay. I loved the story about your little pet magpie you had as a child. I didn't know they would make such good pets!

  2. I'm glad the critters didn't get into any trouble while they were out.

    Your garage looks great!

  3. It's always when the men are away from home that the commode stops up or the sink backs up or the animals get out! I think they must wish it on us so we'll be reminded how much we need them. :) blessings, marlene

  4. Have a great time with your family over!